The ideas laid out in this guide are, as with most ideas, not entirely our own. They are inspired by and directly drawn from many sources, to whom we are very grateful.

To our clients, thank you for allowing us into your organizations to observe and tinker, and for taking our ideas for a test drive. Seeing you create ever more enriching and ennobling work for people is the best reward.

We owe a debt to companies like NOBL, The Ready, and August from whom we have learned so much about consulting, marketing, transparency, and culture.

We are so grateful to the published work of thinkers like Robert Keegan and Lisa Lahey, Peter Senge, Neils Pflaeging, Tiago Forte, Michail Bungay Stanier, Michael Lopp, and others. We stand on the shoulders of giant ideas and do our best to spread them.

Basecamp has been a long time inspiration of how work should work. The very notion of publishing this booklet as a site was inspired by their recent work, Shape Up, the design of which has been blatantly stolen because we don't have the design chops to do it any better.

And finally, none of this would be possible without the support of our families and loved ones who give us the space, courage, and meaning to do our best work.